iPhone: Hero Academy, the game you should be playing

I told myself this year I was going to starting writing about more than just bacon on this blog. To make is simple for you to skip the non bacon posts (why would you do something like that) the first word of the titles will tell you the general topic. This one is about an iPhone game, so if you have an iPhone read on.

Very few things (other than bacon) would inspire me to jump on my bacon blog to immediately tell you about it. Well today I came across an iPhone game that did just that. It’s called Hero Academy and its was created by Robot Entertainment, the guys that made Orcs Must Die (if you don’t know that game and like games, do yourself a favor and learn about it).

Hero Academy is a head-to-head tactics game for iOS devices. Think of it like chess on crack with a little randomness tossed in the mix. The best part is it has asynchronous multiplayer. That means you can battle friends when they have a few moments of free time. A push notifications well tell you when it’s your time to move. It’s basically Words with Friends for nerds!

I am not going to get in to all the gameplay now. You can watch this video for that or read this great review from Board Game Geek.

This game is amazing and it’s what iPhone gaming is all about. It has great looking graphics, easy to pick up and play, and a ton of fun. If you’re looking for something to pass the time with your friends pick this one up. My only complaint about the game is that there is no single player. You have to play with other people online, but that’s a minor gripe.

Hero Academy just came out today and is a free download. They plan to make money with in app purchases for new teams and stuff. Don’t worry this is nothing like FarmVille or a time suck game. Also you don’t have to buy anything to be competitive, it’s not a game were you are forced to pay money have fun. These guys know what they are doing and you will have no problem spending a buck for a new team or two.

iTunes link: Hero Academy (Free)