Burger King: Proud to be Number 3 in Fast Food

It was announced last month that for the first time since opening their doors the fast food chain Wendy’s is surpassing Burger King in sales to become number 2 behind the raining champ McDonalds. There is a very clear reason for this and as a life long Burger King fan it saddens me to say it but Burger King quite frankly, you suck!

To be more specific your food sucks but it didn’t always. For most of my life the debate of “who is better, Burger King or McDonalds?” caused heated arguments with people on both sides. I was in the Burger King camp and would defend my Beef Lord the ends of the earth. Their burgers tasted better, they had onion rings, they had better marketing, and they where the home of the Whopper, one of the largest burgers a fast food chain had to offer. God I be loving me some BK in the day and just talking about this now makes me feel all nostalgic and I’m a little temped to hit up their drive thru for dinner but then I snap back to reality and know I will definitely drive right past BK on my way to Subway.

That’s right Burger King you have now forced me to eat Subway!

So how did Wendy’s beat you? Simply, because they care about their customers. Wendy’s has taken steps to improve the quality of their food. They’ve introduced new burgers and new cuts of bacon, redesigned their fries, and even went through the trouble of creating some good tasting salads for the health conscience on the go. They’re still far from perfect in my mind but I know from first hand experience that they are at least willing to listen to customers.

Burger King on the other hand just seems like they stopped caring. It’s like they know their quality is slipping and they don’t give a crap because number 3 is still pretty good. They think that the American people are conditioned into just scarfing down whatever swill fast food restaurants try passing off as food because it’s cheaper and easer than cooking. So no matter how bad their food gets people will still buy it because they’re dumb robots and fast food isn’t supposed to be that good to begin with.

This attitude is what has led the BK Chefs into a creative slump. Think about it, when was the last time Burger King introduced a truly new burger? All they do is slap some extra toppings on a Whopper and rename it. Double Whopper , Triple Whopper, Whopper Jr, California Whopper, Angry Whopper, Iny Whopper, Windows 7 Whopper (Japan Only), Veggie Whopper, Pizza Burger made of Whoppers and pizza toppings, Rodeo Whopper, and the Cheddar Salsa Whopper. They even had a Chicken Whopper and opened restaurants called BK Whopper Bars where you can put whatever toppings you want on your Whopper.

And what mind blowing concept are they coming out with that will win back their number two spot in 2012. They but bacon on a BK Topper. That’s it. Yes I would agree that adding bacon to any burger increases it’s awesomeness but not Burger King bacon. Time and time again I crawl back to Burger King like some kind of battered wife that still believes deep down he really loves me and time and time again I get slapped in the mouth with thin chewy flavorless strip of pink stuff they call bacon.

Burger King you really need to step up your game and start providing good food again before you lose us all. I’m still here Burger King waiting for you to show me you care but many have turned their backs for good. So please Burger King, give me a reason to stay. That’s all I ask.