Bacon Wins Huston’s 10th annual Tailgater of the Year Contest

The Huston Texans held their 10th annual Tailgater of the Year Contest on New Year’s Day. At a time when most people were snoring away in a pile of smashed party hats, confetti, and human filth, nine dedicated teams of tailgaters, fueled only by Lobster tails and jell-o shots stepped up for the 5am start time.

The competition was ruff. What food would bring home the $1,000 grand prize? Would it be the Biscuits ‘n’ Gravy, the Chili-Cheese Fries, or the Chicken and Beef Fajitas? One team, the Battle Red Wagon Tailgaters knew that only one food is powerful enough send any food judge into a lustful craze. That’s right, they used that amazing not so secrete weapon of bacon.

By using the masterful technique of bacon wrapping they were able to take home the gold with their Cream Cheese and Bacon Wrapped Chicken and Bacon-Wrapped Duck Breast. On top of their $1,000 prize they also receive the coveted “Tailgater of the Year” flag and the privilege of helping judge next year’s contest.

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