It’s Official, the Bacon Nation Now has a Mrs. Baconpants

As many of you noticed I was MIA for almost two months, but don’t worry I have a good reason for the absence.

September was a busy month. Not only did I have to plan Pittsburgh’s biggest bacon event, I also had to help Beth plan our wedding. It seemed scheduling two important events in the same month was not my best idea.

Then, after the wedding (I will tell you all about that soon), Beth and I enjoyed our honeymoon and spent a lot of time getting our house back in order. We had crafting supplies everywhere from before the wedding and wrapping paper, boxes, and tons of new things from after.

I guess what I am trying to say is… I didn’t have time for Baconpants.

That’s going to change and now I have a Mrs. Baconpants (aka Beth Mosley) to help me share our love of all things beer and bacon!

Now on to the details. The wedding was great and everyone had an amazing time. Sean (aka Bacon Knight) was in my wedding party and he inspected all the bacon that day to make sure it was perfect. We had a whole station of bacon on the buffet which had: Bacon Mac and Cheese, bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms, pulled pork (not bacon but close), and a lot more stuff that I can’t remember. I was a little nervous so I didn’t eat much that day.

For our wedding cake we had Maple Bacon Cupcakes and they were fantastic. We also has red velvet, but I told everyone that they would be a weirdo if they skipped on the bacon cupcake. I am not sure why people are so afraid of bacon on desserts. They don’t know what they are missing.

Don’t worry, I am done boring you with my wedding details but I am sure you were all wondering if we had bacon at our wedding. We did and it was perfect.