Bacon LIVE: 2011 Bacon Bash Recap

Do you remember that event we had at the Harris Grill in September? Well this is the recap we did on Bacon Live about that event. We talked about all things Bacon Bash and more.

The event was a success even in the mist of the bacon crisis. We would like to thank our sponsors: Wright Brand Bacon, Tender Belly, Sugardale Foods, Harris Grill, Bite Bistro, and Miller Lt. Without you none of this would be possible.

I have a bunch of videos and photos of the event so I will be compiling them in another post soon.

Also, I am going to be posting show notes to a few of our past shows this week. Since I fell so far behind, it would take to much for me to post all the shows on here. If you want to see all the shows just got to the Bacon LIVE page and follow the links to We have kept up with the shows, I just have slacked on the show notes.

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