Part 5: The Milk Shake Factory, or as some might call it Heaven.

Pittsburgh Chevy Burger and Shake Crawl 2011!

Sadly our day had to come to an end but luckily for us we had one more stop, The Milk Shake Factory. Located in Pittsburgh’s South Side this chocolatier/milk shake joint has been open for 97 years and is on its 4th generation of owners. After trying what they had to offer I can defiantly say, there is a reason they’ve been around so long, they know how to do it right.

They offer 55 flavors of milk shakes all with home made syrups, tons of home made chocolates, and their very reasonable prices aren’t going to bankrupt you. I have already made a vow on Bacon Live that me and Jason will not rest until we’ve tried all 55.

We were given the opportunity to sample three shakes. It was a hard choice but for me when I heard the words, “Cajun Chocolate” I knew that would be my first. Some people tend to steer clear of strange combinations when it comes to food but I’m always looking for the weird combo that blows my socks off and after taking a sip of the Cajun Chocolate I had to check to see if my socks were still there.

At first it tastes just like a real good creamy chocolate milk shake but as soon as you swallow your mouth is filled with the fire of the Cajun Bayou. For those of you that don’t handle heat very well, don’t worry it’s not that extreme but it is enough for you to want to immediately take another sip and get that cooling Chocolate. Then after that sip the heat hits you again so you take another sip, then another, then another. Next thing you know you’re out of milk shake and the only thing to do is order another one. I’ll take the Red Velvet please.

The Red Velvet Milk Shake has got to be one of the best shakes I have ever tried. It was creamy, had just the right amount of thickness to it, and tastes just like a big piece of Red Velvet cake. I’m not the only one that loved it because when they first introduced it they couldn’t even keep it in stock. Out of the all the shakes we tried there seemed to be an overall consensus that the Red Velvet shake was the best, and don’t worry about them running out, I have been assured that they taken care of their Red Velvet ice cream supply so they are always available.

There comes a time in a person’s life when they have to make a really hard decision and no matter how prepared you think you are when faced with the choice your mind goes blank and you start panicking. That is exactly what happened to me when faced with what my last flavor would be. Strawberry Banana, Classic Vanilla, Carrot Cake, they all sounded so good but I had to go with my inner child and select the Peanut Butter and Jelly Shake.

First thing I did was take a big whiff of the BP&J and was instantly transported to my childhood. It smelled like I just opened my lunch box and unwrapped the cellophane from the PB&J sandwich my mother made me. If the smell isn’t enough to send you back to better times the taste sure will. The flavor was a perfect blend of peanut butter, jelly, and ice cream with just the right amount of sweetness. The only complaint I had was that it was made with strawberry jelly and I’m a grape jelly kind of man, but I was pleased to find out they did in fact try it with grape but the flavor just didn’t work as well. So instead of making a subpar shake just to pander to grape lovers like myself they made the decision go with a quality flavor and I salute them for it.

Sadly it was time to leave but before we went we were treated with a chocolate sampler box. We got to pick any three pieces of chocolate that could fit in the box. I went with a Peanut Butter Melt Away, Raspberry Truffle, and Blackberry Cordial. This really was some of the best chocolates I’ve ever had and I now know where I’m going for all my candy needs.

Just for the record I spent the rest of the day running around like a three year old with ADD until my sugar high finally wore off.