Part 4: Lamb, Ostrich, Duck, Camaro, and Volt, oh my!

Pittsburgh Chevy Burger and Shake Crawl 2011!

Our next stop was at the Sharp Edge Bistro in Down Town Pittsburgh. The Sharp Edge is a small chain that focuses on higher end bar food and top notch beers. They have 5 locations in the Pittsburgh area but be careful because not all location offer the same menu. Three of them are Sharp Edge Pubs and the other two are Bistros. You can get yourself a burger and beer at any of them but the Pubs focus on beer offering a large selection while Bistros will give you a larger food menu.

We were led up to a private dinning room where we would be served an assortment of sliders. Now I don’t know how the other bloggers felt but honestly I felt a little uncomfortable. For some reason no one was talking. The food was brought out and we ate in almost complete silence. I’m not sure what caused this anomaly because everyone was very chatty at the last place, but for some reason the mood had changed. Atmosphere aside lets get on to the food.

First thing they brought out were the fries and man were they good. They were twice fried s they had that nice snap to them. I don’t know why more restaurants don’t take the time to twice fry their French fries. It’s not like it’s that time consuming and the end result is awesome. Now throw a little cheese and bacon onto these and you got yourself a show stopper.

The first burger brought out was the Belgium Burger. This was made with lamb meat and bacon ground right into the mix. Although the bacon flavor was almost not there at all it did a good job of making the burger juicy. When it comes to the overall flavor of the burger I would say it was the best out of the ones they offered us but was still a bit off and I’m not sure I would order it. I haven’t really eaten too much lamb outside of a gyro so that might have been what was throwing me off.

Then next burger was the Ostrich burger. Ostrich is one of those meats that you don’t see at your run of the mill burger joints but it is gaining in popularity with the health conscience because of its leanness. The down side to a lean meat burger is that juiciness we all associate with a good burger isn’t there. To give the people a little of what they want Sharp Edge mix makes the burger from a 50/50 mix of Ostrich and Beef. I understand the need to mix the meat but I would have preferred maybe a 80/20 mix because all I could taste was beef and some spice that I wasn’t able to place that really didn’t agree with me.

It was now time for another bird burger and this time it was going to be Duck. I really like duck but outside of Chinese restaurants it’s kind of hard to find on a menu. When we were told that this is one of their most popular burgers I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth in. Once again the burger was a 50/50 mix of duck and beef and once again all I could taste was beef and that weird spice. I think they would be better off just abandoning the whole duck burger thing and instead offer a duck sandwich with a nice big slice of duck and while were at why not throw some bacon on it.

After talking about some crazy burgers it seems only fitting to bring up some of the more crazy Chevy rides we saw that day. First off we have the Camaro. What can be said about this thing besides it looks good, its fast, and you look good driving it. That’s why people buy Camaros. No one is buying it for its fuel economy; this thing is built for speed.

Now I have a love hate relationship when it comes to sports cars. I like they way they look and I love driving fast but the problem I have is they are never built for me. I’m a big guy and pretty much ever sports car I had the honor of sitting in feels like a big go-cart to me. Maybe one day Chevy will come out the Camaro XL, with extra wide seats and giant cup holders.

Speaking of cars too small for me, check out the Volt, this thing looks about the size of my shoe. Unfortunately even though the Volt was there it wasn’t going to make the crawl with us and that’s was kind of a bummer because I’ve never rode in or drove an electric car before and I really wanted to see how it handled.

The cool thing about the Volt is Chevy took into consideration one of the biggest downsides to electric cars, the fact they only go around 40 miles per charge, and fixed the problem by also giving it a gas engine. Before the only people that would even consider buying an electric car were people that had enough money to get 2 cars, one for long trips and one just for commuting. Now you only have to buy one and you can cheaply make your daily commute and if you want to drive across country you can just use the gas tank.

There is one more stop on this crawl and it’s going to be a sweet one. Check back for Part 5: The Milk Shake Factory, or as some might call it Heaven.