Part 3: Salmon Burger, Dark Chocolate Shake, and the Cruze

Pittsburgh Chevy Burger and Shake Crawl 2011

As one of Pittsburgh’s top burger places, BrGr has really impressed us with their first couple burgers and now it was time to try the “healthier than beef” Salmon burger.

The Salmon burger was 6ozs of wild king salmon, cucumber tomato relish, and apple wood smoked bacon (finally)! I very much like a good piece of salmon but usually I eat it as a grilled filet or smoked. I have had it in burger form from time to time and it always leaves me kind of disappointed and sadly BrGr’s did as well.

Don’t get me wrong the Salmon burger was good and if you’re a fan of fish pressed into patties then you will probably love it. I just have a hard time excepting burgers not made out of red meat. I would have preferred just eating it on a plate with a fork and knife but that’s just me.

The bacon was pretty good; it was crisp and big and had a good apple wood flavor to it. The only down side I found was, like always I would have like to see more bacon on the burger but I guess the salmon burgers real appeal is to the health conscience and the more bacon you put on it the less those health nuts want it.

Then they brought out the Dark Chocolate shake. The description of this shake said it was Dark Chocolate ice cream and milk cause that’s all you need. I’m not a big dark chocolate person but I have to admit this was pretty darn good. It amazes me sometimes how such a simple recipe can be so good and that shows me that the chef really knows what they’re doing by not overcomplicating things just to make it sound good.

That was it for the tasting a BrGr and it was time for us to “Cruze” on to our next location. Unfortunately I didn’t get an opportunity to ride in the Cruze but after looking at it, it reminds me of a Dodge Neon. This is the first year for the Cruze as it replaces the Cobalt in the Chevy lineup.

From what I gathered the car is meant to be a gas saver at an affordable price starting around $16,000. To me it just looks like your average little car and honestly wasn’t that impressive. Maybe if I had got a chance to ride in it I might change my tune but I thought out of all the cars Chevy brought this one was least exciting.

There is still a lot more to come as we head downtown to the Sharp Edge Bistro for Part 4: Lamb, Ostrich, Duck, Camaro, and Volt, oh my.