Part 1: The Button Buster, The King, and The Tahoe

Pittsburgh Chevy Burger and Shake Crawl 2011

The first place we went to was BrGr. The restaurant isn’t even a year old, yet has gained a reputation for having some of the best burgers in the burgh. This was my first time eating here and I wasn’t all that sure what to expect. I knew we would be getting burgers but what kind?

We went up to the top floor that has was a nice open rooftop dinning area. We all took our seats and in front of us were small cards giving the description of the food we were about to eat. I thought that was a nice touch. Instead of having someone stand there and explain what we were eating we could just look at the card. It made the tasting go along a little smoother. It turned out we would be trying three burgers and three milk shakes!

The first thing they brought out to wet our appetites were the classic burger accompaniment French fries and the growing in popularity fried pickles. The fries were good but the pickles were amazing. They had a nice crisp outside and that warm dill goodness in the middle. I would have been happy just eating them all day.

Then they brought out the first burger. Since their burgers are so big they decided to cut them in quarters for us to try. This was good because we did have a lot of food to try but also kind of sad because I’m not the type of man that likes only eating a quarter of a burger.

The burger was called the Button Buster. It was topped with braised beef short ribs, white cheddar cheese, and crispy onions. It came cooked medium and in my option that is the most you should cook a good burger. If you’re one of those people that like your burgers cooked well done then you’re in luck because McDonalds is always right down the street.

The burger was almost perfect. The beef flavor popped and the onions added that extra kick needed to make this one of the best burgers of the day. My only complaint was, where’s the bacon? This thing is crying out to be dawned with crispy swine but sadly I guess not everything can have bacon on it but I’m sure if you wanted to add some they would gladly do it for you.

To wash down the Button Buster we were giving a spiked milk shake called, The King. The King is the type of milk shake Elvis would have drank and that’s where it gets its namesake. It was made with banana liquor, rum, home made peanut butter sauce, local vanilla bean ice cream, and a small peanut butter cookie floating in the middle.

This was my first time ever drinking a spiked milk shake and let me tell you this thing is dangerous. The ice cream covers up any harsh burn you would get from the alcohol and if you didn’t tell me there was booze in there I would have never known. I thought about trying to recreate this treat at my house but with my lack of self control I’m not sure I would survive. Once again I think bacon would have made a nice addition to the shake in true gluttonous Elvis fashion.

We were then giving the opportunity to ride in some of Chevy’s new whips, as the kids call them. I’m a big guy so I immediately took a seat in the largest vehicle they brought, the Tahoe. Just sitting in this jet black SUV made me feel like some kind of drug kingpin. I kept wanting to roll down the window and stair at people on the street then give them a little “that’s right” head nod and slowly put the window back up.

The Tahoe was pretty big on the inside and I had plenty of leg space but one of the cooler features of the SUV was that it was a hybrid. It was powered by electric and gas to give it an average miles per gallon of 21 and that’s pretty good for this size of vehicle.

It was also tricked out with some cool features like GPS, XM Radio, Onstar, back up camera, DVD player, and a display showing you exactly when it’s powering the car by gas or battery. It had a very smooth and quite ride and this is just the type of SUV that would be good for a soccer mom or an outdoorsman.

Check back for Part 2 when I get the second round of burgers and shakes at BrGr and we take a look at the Chevy Equinox.