Bacon LIVE: The Bacon Hotline is Back!

Last week I had to do the show solo again since Sean was on vacation. Luckily, I finally got the Bacon Hotline back up so he was able to call in and give us updates from the road. We also had a few fans from New Jersey call in.

Everything with the phone line seemed to work ok. The only problem that came up was after the show was over. I noticed that there was a slight delay that caused me to sound like I was talking over the callers. I will have to remember to wait a second after someone is talking before I start to talk. I am also looking in to why this is happening in the first place.

Now that we have a flashy into and a phone line. What else do you think we can add to the show to make it better? Should eve have more signature segments, recipes, reviews, or guests? Let us know. Thanks!

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