Bacon LIVE: Review of Squittle, Bacon Brittle.

Two weeks ago on Bacon LIVE Sean and I got a chance to review Squittle from Sugar Daddy Desserts. If you don’t know Squittle is the name they gave to maple, pecan, and bacon brittle. I have had bacon brittle but this was the first time I seen it made with maple and pecans.

We both thought it was amazing and you could really taste the bacon. The maple and pecans really added a lot of the brittle and I felt they enhanced the smokiness. The box the Squittle came in was cool too. Watch the show or head on over to their site to check it out.

We would like to thank Sugar Daddy Desserts for sending us some Squittle to reviews. Before to watch the show for your full review. I think Sean and I almost ate the whole box.

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