Boy Nursed Back to Health with Bacon and Butter

Dr. Bacon saves another life!

One year ago a 9 year old Dutch boy named Ruben was the sole survivor of a plane crash in Libya. The plane disintegrated on landing and 103 people out of 104 were killed including Ruben’s parents and brother. His legs were severely injured and he was “more dead than alive” when he arrived at the hospital

Ruben now 10 years old, is living with his aunt and uncle in the Netherlands and has almost made a full recovery. The metal plates and screws have all been removed from his legs and he can be found playing in the garden with dogs and other children.

Ruben’s aunt Ingrid, says that the care Ruben received in Libya saved his life but there is another factor that gave him such an improved recovery, bacon and butter!

They have been feeding Ruben a diet of 2000 calories a day. “That’s hard work for a nine year old. As much as an adult male, even though all he could do was lie in bed” said Ingrid. Not to downgrade the amazing effort Ruben put into his recovery but obviously Ingrid has never met an average American 9 year old that would have no problem downing 2000 calories just lying in bed.

If Ruben wanted a sandwich they would give it to him with butter and when he came home from school they would fry up some bacon and if Ruben wanted an egg, then damn it he deserved an egg and they gave it to him. This is the reason why he has far surpassed any doctor’s expectations for recovery.

This just goes to show you once again the amazing ability bacon can have. Day after day we hear reports about how we shouldn’t be abusing our bodies with this fatty processed food but without it Ruben might still be lying in a hospital bed waiting for those magical soy beans to give him the nutrition he needed to heal his body.

There is no way around it. Our bodies are designed by nature to thrive on things like bacon and when you take those things away from us we can no longer function the way evolution intended. So remember, a rasher a day, keeps the doctor away.

By Sean Brett

Photo from Breakfast Blogger.