Bacon LIVE: Welcome to Great Ideas LIVE

Aaron, a long time listener of the show, brought up a very interesting point last night. Sean and I have some really good ideas. In fact we talk about them live on the air all the time.

We thought about it and he is right, we do come up with the real winners. With that said, you now have another reason to watch Bacon LIVE. If your sitting on a pile of money but don’t have a clue what to do with it. Watch the show and you should have at least one or two great start up ideas. This is a free service that we are offering to all bacon lovers.

Your welcome.

We also showed the wining video of our Bacon Extravaganza contest. It was sent in by Aaron and you can watch on the show. Since it was on Facebook I am not sure if everyone will be able to see it otherwise.

Next week we will be reviling the best in show out of all the winners. If your lost right now and don’t know what I am talking about, shame on you. You have a lot of Bacon LIVE to catch up on.

Have a great weekend and enjoy bacon!

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