Denny’s Baconalia Bacon Meatloaf

I am a lover of meatloaf, both the food and the musician so I was really pumped when I saw this on the menu. It looks like your typical meatloaf but there is a surprise inside. Not only do they put bacon on the top they put it in the meatloaf too.

The sauce on top is a ketchup based sauce that reminds me of the meatloaf my mom used to make. Now I did very much enjoy this item but I did have one concern. I was having trouble pulling the bacon flavor out of the meatloaf.

Other people that tried it with me said they did taste the smokiness of the hickory in the loaf but for some reason I wasn’t. Maybe I was expecting an overwhelming bacon flavor when there was just a hint and my pallet wasn’t prepared for it. I had the same issue with J&D’s bacon popcorn, I just couldn’t taste the bacon but other people could.

I still think as a meatloaf this was very good but I am going to hold of on my official endorsement until I try it at my local Denny’s.

Bacon Cheese Hash Browns

(also in the photo above)

Some of the Baconalia meals come with a side of bacon and cheese hash browns. Now I have always been a fan of adding extra ingredients to my hash browns and most of the time in restaurants the most they’re willing to put in there is cheese. Not Denny’s they said cheese just isn’t enough we need to throw some good old American bacon in there too and God bless them for it.

Some times I fine with hash browns that they are too plain for me and I need to add ketchup to them but with these ones nothing else is needed. If Denny’s decides to keep some of the Baconalia items on their menu full time I think this is one that is very doable.