Denny’s Baconalia Bacon Flapjacks Review

I remember a time when I was a small boy and my breakfast plate turned into a warzone. Everything was going fine in the country of “Breakfastica” when an outside attacking force slowly seeped over its boarders. It was the evil invading force known only as “Syrup”!

Syrup was everywhere, and anything I tried to keep it a bay failed. First to fall were the pancake, that wasn’t too big a loss because pancakes and Syrup have always been friends but now it was headed straight to the sacred bacon. My only hope was to sacrifice the sausage links to create a dam to hold back the oncoming destruction but just when I thought we were in the clear a known ally of Syrup known as Dad ruthlessly stole a sausage from my plate sending Syrup all over my crispy bacon leaving me with the only option I had left, to cry for Mom to bring me fresh bacon.

Thankfully I grew past the fear of syrup on my bacon and have grown to love it and it’s that love Denny’s was thinking of when they developed the Bacon Flapjacks for their new Baconalia menu.

This meal comes with two large Flapjacks with crispy hickory smoked bacon infused in them and if that’s not enough bacon it also comes with two rashers on the side. The Flapjacks are soft and fluffy with the ability to absorb all that yummy syrup and when you bite down and your tongue comes in contact with that crunchy bacon it’s like a flavor explosion.

  • Sean’s Review: I have had the opportunity to try this in the Denny’s Test Kitchen and in a Denny’s restaurant and this is hands down one of my favorite meals on the Baconalia menu . It is such a simple concept that it’s hard to believe we haven’t been eating pancakes like this for years and hopefully Denny’s will keep it around after Baconalia is over.
  • Jason’s Review:In the bacon community this has been something thats been done for a long time. I am just glad that Denny’s is now bringing it to the masses. Eating bacon-in-pancakes is an amazing experience that now everyone can enjoy! On a side note, I really like Denny’s syrup its has a lot of flavor without being overly sweet.