Road Trip: Denny’s is cooking something up with Bacon [Updated]

Now I don’t know how much I can tell you right now, but since the guys at Bacon Salt already told the Bacon Nation a few deals, I guess tell you a little more.

Denny’s is planning something big with bacon. I still don’t know all the details but what I do know is, there’re flying Sean and I to the Denny’s test kitchen and told us to come hungry.

That could only mean one thing, bacon!

When I was in High School Denny’s was often my restaurant of choice. They were open late, and had a friendly wait staff (even to unruly high school kids). So when they told me they were flying me all expenses paid to the HQ I was pumped. It brought be back to my good childhood memories.

Make sure you follow me on twitter @MrBaconpants so you can stay up to date on the trip. We may get sometime to do a special Bacon LIVE podcast with one of the chiefs.

I would also like to disclose right now that, just because they are paying for me to fly down does not mean there are also paying for a glowing review. Sean and I have high expectation for bacon and we hope Denny’s can met them. We also owe it to you, our readers, to always give you our honest opinions. We have a strict no selling out policy at Mr. Baconpants HQ.

We can’t wait to enjoy bacon. This is going to be big!

Update: The Daily Bacon got wind to the new Baconalia menu form Denny’s! Check it out!! I will be sure to share better photos and reviews ones I have them!

Second Update: I just found a better photo of them explaining the new Baconalia menu. Check it out here!