Denny’s Baconalia: It’s all about the bacon!

So now it was time for the bacon and to kick things off at the Denny’s test kitchen we were given a small sampler of the three bacons on the Baconalia menu, Hickory Smoked, Pepper, and Turkey . The cool thing about having three types of bacon is that even though most of the menu items are made with the Hickory you can replace it with any type you want when ordering your meal. Now on to the review:

Hickory Smoked Bacon

  • Sean’s Review: First off I’ll let you in on a little secret, the Hickory Smoked bacon is the same bacon that has always been included in all your favorite Denny’s meals, it’s just that now they are identifying it has Hickory Smoked.

    The bacon was very good. It was crispy and had that classic Hickory flavor that bacon lovers know and crave. It reminds you of all those breakfasts you had growing up with your best friend bacon.

    I was very glad to see that with Denny’s going to have to use a ton more bacon than usual that they didn’t skimp on the quality. I think everyone will agree that this is a solid Hickory Smoked bacon that does what it’s meant to do, be delicious.

  • Jason’s Review: I agree with Sean on every point in his review. The only think I would have to knock Denny’s for is just using there standard bacon. I would have thought the Baconalia menu would have been a great time to introduce Applewood or even Cherrywood bacon.

Pepper Bacon

  • Sean’s Review:Very few chain restaurants are willing to go on a limb with specialty flavored bacon and for that I give Denny’s some mad props. Not only did they decide to try and introduce their customers a new flavor they have done it extremely well.

    At first I was a little worried about the pepper bacon. I have had pepper bacon in the past where the pepper was overwhelming and took away from the flavor of the bacon. I was pleased to find Denny’s Pepper Bacon was the perfect blend of bacon and pepper.

    At first all you taste is the bacon (not like I’m going to complain about that) but then the pepper hits you and you are left with that pepper after taste and a small amount of heat. This is a great bacon if you want something a little different than the norm with your eggs. I think it would be great mixed in scrambled eggs with a little salsa.

  • Jason’s Review: Giving Sean first crack at these reviews might not of been the best idea I have had in a while. He is taking the words right out of my mouth.

    Where Sean give’s Denny’s props I am going to give them a meh. Yes, the pepper bacon is better then I expected, but its also a very safe bacon. Papper Bacon to me is so mainstream that I am wondering why it wasn’t on the menu sooner.

    I did like the fact the the pepper was not right in your face and it had a nice finish. So I guess if Denny’s is right, and this will be a lot of peoples first chance to have this verity of bacon, its a good one.

Turkey Bacon

  • Sean’s Review: Here at Mr. Baconpants we like to consider ourselves as bacon purists and anyone that watches Bacon Live will tell you we don’t look to highly on Turkey Bacon. With that being said the Turkey Bacon is what it is.

    It looks like bacon and has that hickory flavor but I can’t get past the fact that it didn’t come from a pig. If you are unable to eat pork belly then Turkey Bacon is definitely a better substitute than Soy Bacon but it’s just not as good as the real thing.

  • Jason’s Review: No Comment.

Over all the bacon selection is a good mix of classic and (kind of) new. I would like to see some more extreme bacons like jalapeno or thick cut but I understand some bacons just don’t mix well in certain types of environments. I would recommend giving all three a try, you won’t be disappointed.