Bacon LIVE: New Studio and New Denny’s Menu

Last night Sean and I did the first Bacon LIVE from the new Bacon HQ studio. Sadly, this was not the perfect show we wanted it to be. During the middle of the show uStream decided to stop steaming audio. Then today I can’t even play back the videos it recorded.

With that said, I think this is the last strike for uStream and we will be streaming the show elsewhere. I have been looking in to other services and I think I might of found one.

Luckily, I also record the audio version on the show on my computer so no matter what you will always get a full show. You just might miss our faces this week.

Now that that’s out of the way it talk to talk about show notes. Sean and I talked about the new Denny’s Baconilia menu, homeless advertising, and a robot French Press coffee maker.

The reason the coffee maker came up was because we have a new bacon coffee to try for next week. It’s made by CoffeeAM and is a Maple Bacon coffee. If it’ anything like the last bacon coffee we had, it should be good.

Also, we talked about a contest that Denny’s it putting on to win two VIP tickets to the Chicago Bacon Festival. Check out the details and enter on there Facebook page.

Go to to learn how to subscribe in itunes and watch us live Wednesdays at 7pm ET!