Caribou Coffee’s Turkey Bacon: FAIL!

What’s for breakfast?

It looks like everyone is really trying to get a piece of that breakfast money. Everywhere you look some restaurant is busting out new menu items. McDonalds has oatmeal, Wendy’s is toying around with the idea of a breakfast bar, Burger King revamped their entire breakfast campaign, and Subway now has breakfast subs.

The latest to get in on this is Caribou Coffee. They are the second biggest coffee chain in the country and I guess they figured, if people are stopping here in the morning already we might as well sell them some eggs.

They are introducing a line of typical uninspired breakfast sandwiches. The only difference and I can only imagine that some marking tool somewhere thought this would be a good selling point is they have turkey bacon and turkey sausage.

Seriously why the heck would I want to waste my hard earned money on something like this? I know they are going for the more health oriented people by having turkey bacon and claiming each sandwich is around 300 calories but lets be honest anybody worried about eating right for breakfast is buying fruit not a fried egg sandwich.

This thing needs to fail but unfortunately it wont because most of the people I know that visit these types of coffee houses just blindly believe anything they hear and the rumor that turkey bacon is better for you than regular has been floating around since its invention.

To make matters worse it’s $4 for a combo including one sandwich and one medium coffee. No hash brown and they couldn’t even be nice enough to make it a large coffee. I for one will not be partaking in the new Caribou Coffee breakfast menu.

By Sean Brett