Maple Bacon Cookies by Rose

Rose from “Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri” recently emailed me to tell me about how she made bacon cookies. She seemed really excited about it in her email so I quickly clicked on the link to see what was up. To my surprise Rose found a way to step the classic bacon cookie up a notch with maple syrup and whisky.

Here is a sampling of her cooking style:

Again with the bacon! Set aside about seven strips of bacon. DO NOT EAT THEM. All of your eating bacon should come from the other bacon. Chop the other bacon up into smallish pieces. Eat as much as you want, but remember, the more bacon that goes in your stomach now, the less bacon you’ll have in your cookies later.

If you can’t tell already, Rose is a little out of control in the kitchen. Thankfully she takes tons of photos and has commentary that goes with each one. I’m not sure if what she posted is a recipe or story of someones struggle to not eat all the bacon.

Check out Rose’s recipe for all the entertaining details and photos.