Bacon LIVE: BLTs could always use more bacon!

Last night one Bacon LIVE Sean and I had to fight off a vegan. Luckily, we used the kill them with kindness tactic and they left the chat-room. We tried to reason with them but they proved unreasonable. I guess that happens when you have unreasonable restrictions on your own diet.

We also talked about how microwaves and toaster overs amaze us with their uncanny ability to ruin what ever we are trying to cook in them. Sean also brought up my latest bacon obsession, bacon wrapped tater-tots. Sonic is the only fast food company that has tots, so they really need to get on the ball and start wrapping them with bacon! That’s a million dollar idea.

One of the more important things we talked about was the bacon to other meat ratio in a BLT. Sean believes that you can have another type of meat in your BLT, but the bacon better be that star. I would have to say I agree with him. What are your thoughts on this?

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