The Sticky Pig, Handmade Candied Bacon Review

When Tara Simon, aka Bacon Vixen, told me about her bacon candy (The Sticky Pig) I was excited to try some. Loving candied bacon, I wanted to see how someone called the Bacon Vixen could take it to the next level. Tara was nice enough to send me a few samples to try and review.

When the box arrived I quickly opened it and was greeted with four little pieces of art. A little confused, I closed the box and placed them in the fridge (Tara told me that’s what I was supposed to do). I wanted to try and eat one to see if they really were candy but I promised Sean I would save them to review on Bacon LIVE.

On the show, Sean and I ate each one and gave our thoughts on each of them. I was going to do the same thing with this written version of the review but decided to review the candies as a whole. Since the enjoyment of the different flavor combinations can be subjective (as seen on the live show). I wanted to review the quality and flavor of all the candies. If you want a flavor by flavor break down, just watch or listen to the Bacon LIVE review (starts at 30min).

Quality: You get a sense of the quality as soon as you see the box the candies come in and the candies themselves. The box was made of a thick cardboard that felt like it could be drop-kicked across the room and still look ok. It had a nice finish and the name The Sticky Pig was printed on it with a glossy black ink. It looked classy and expensive, which is a good thing since they are expensive candies!

The handmade candied bacon look like little pieces of art. When you go on Tara’s site and look at them you never expect that’s how they would look in real life, but they do! Honestly, they looked so good that you almost just wanted to save them and sit them out as decoration, but then you remember they’re made with candied bacon and all bets are off. You’re eating them!

It’s also worth noting that the bacon used to make the candied bacon is thick cut bacon that is lean and flavorful. I don’t know the brand, but I am sure Tara will let us know after she sees this review.

Flavor: Each candy had a great flavor and the candied bacon was not overpowering in any of the combinations. It seemed like each one enhanced the bacon flavor in a different way.

Even with some of the stranger combinations we tried you could tell what she was trying to do and was successful.

Overall: The Sticky Pig Candied Bacon is an amazing accomplishment. Tara the Bacon Vixen has turned bacon into a gourmet candy that anyone would love to receive as a gift. Chocolate-covered cherries for Valentine’s Day is dead! Long live candied bacon! They are a little pricey, which makes them perfect for gifts. I don’t know about you, but I would have trouble paying $15 for candy for myself.

If you forgot someone on your shopping list this year, Sticky Pig Candied Bacon would be a great way to make it up to them. By the time they finish the last bite they will forgive you.