Bacon LIVE: Turkey Hangover

Wow so its been like seven days since I posted something on Mr. Baconpants. Well I guess thats because I have been trying to recover from turkey hangover. Looks like I might have recovered a little faster then Sean.

Last night Matt Gondek filled in as co-host. We talked about our Thanksgiving dinners and a bunch of other bacon goodness. I would even go as far to say, this is one of the few shows we stayed on the topic of bacon for the most part.

The biggest news was the fact that Sean and I may have to stop hating Canadian bacon. It turns out the stuff we call Canadian is far from it. So I might not hate “real” Canadian bacon. I will be writing about full post about this soon and hope to get my hands on some.

Hopefully Sean will be back and I kick in to gear on posting next week! Stay tuned.

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