The Great Sugardale Bac-on Recap

Last weekend you all should know I was a celebrity (in the bacon nation) guest judge for Sugardale’s Bac-on event. Well it’s about time I fill you in on how it went.

First of all it was one of the most organized bacon events I been to in a long time. Sugardale really out did themselves. If I didn’t know any better I would have thought the cooking contest was a Food Network TV show. They had cameras and monitors everywhere.

My fellow judges, Spike Mendelsohn (Top Chef: Season Four) and Ron Antill (WSHH Radio), where just as laid back as I was, which made from some interesting conversation while we waited for our food. We got comfortable quickly, but bacon has that effect so I was not surprised. Spike is a great guy and I was happy to learn that he is a big fan of bacon and the community. Both of his restaurants in DC feature bacon on the menu.

The three recipes that we had to judge were all amazing and you could really tell that a lot of time and care went in to each one. It was a hard choice but in the end Olga Watkins’ Bacon and Blueberry Salad won us over. The bacon was cooked to perfection, the dressing was out of this world, and all the flavors meld together nicely. Any restaurant should put this on their menu ASAP. I will post the full recipe in a bit.

Here where the winners of each round:

  • Kimberly Campbell (WV) – Bac-On Stuffed Yam Shells (Appetizers/Sides/Entertaining)
  • Christine Wendland (NJ) – Bacon, Apricot and Brie Croissants (Ready Bacon®)
  • Olga Watkins (PA) – Bacon and Blueberry Salad (Main Dish & Grand Prize Winner)

One thing that was really cool was, Olga Watkins, the winner of my round, won the grand prize. It kind of reassured me that I know what winning bacon recipe is.

Olga is a Pittsburgh native and happens to be professional chef and singer. You can learn more about her at Lets hope the $3,000 goes towards the restaurant she wants to open. I bet it will be bacon friendly.

I would like the thank Sugardale for letting me be apart of this event and I can’t wait for the next time I get to be a judge. I would also like that thank the contestants that cooked us some amazing food that day. You guys rocked!