Jones Bacon Flavored Soda Review

It seems like every Thanksgiving Jones Soda comes out with a strange new flavor, this year it’s bacon.

When I first heard about it I was excited to hear that Justin and Dave from Bacon Salt had something to do with it. Knowing that all their other bacon products tasted relatively good, I had high hopes for this soda.

Sean and I did a review of it live on Bacon LIVE last week. If you haven’t seen it yet you should defiantly put it on your list of things to watch. Now on to the written review.

When you first look at a bottle of Jones Bacon flavored Soda, you will notice that it has a slight reddish color to it. It might remind you of what bacon would look like if you liquefied it. Other than that, the outside of the soda bottle looks like your typical Jones soda. With a photo and funny description of what’s inside. (For the life of me I can remember what the description was.)

As soon as you open the bottle you will get a whiff of something bacon-ish and something unexplainable. The bacon smell had a surprisingly meaty smell to it and not just a smoke smell like other bacon novelty items. I couldn’t figure out what the other mystery smell was.

For the first second this stuff hits your mouth you’re greeted with the flavor of bacon. Then what follows that second of bliss is an after taste from hell. The bacon flavor is gone far too quickly and what’s left is the flavor of vomit after a night of eating bacon and drinking Jack and cokes.

The after taste is so unpleasant that it makes you not want to take another sip. Then to top it all off, the burp that follows a rather large gulp of the stuff is an even more potent flavor explosion of bacon vomit.

If they could only fix the after taste that could have a hit on there hands.

With that being said, I am happy that Justin and Dave teamed up with Jones to make this soda. Somebody was going to make it anyway, so I rather it be made by two companies I enjoy. Also, it wasn’t meant to be good, it was created be one hell of a novelty item, for which is exceeds all expectations.

Also if you have a bacon lover on your holiday shopping list I would get them “Bring Home the Bacon” gift set. With it you get two bottles of Jones Bacon Soda, 1 Tube of Bacon Lip Balm, 1 Package of Bacon Popcorn, 1 Package of Bacon Gravy Mix. The other products in the package are good and the soda is a great party/office gag (pun intended).