Bacon LIVE: Bacon has been around forever!

It’s Friday and I am just now posting the show and show notes. The reason of this is because I experienced a double fail. First, Ustream seemingly didnt record the video version of the show. Second, when I did have the audio podcast ready my site was down so I couldn’t update it. Oh and now the first 45 minutes of the show just appeared on Ustream so at least something was recorded. Okay I’m done complaining, on to the show.

On this weeks show Sean and I talk about the old bacon costume photo that has been floating around the Internets, movies with digital editions, our disappointment with people being disrespectful with bacon, our hate of wasting food, and secrete menu items at restaurants.

It was a really good show and I am sad you will not be able to see all of the video from it. Luckily, I always record the podcast version directly on my computer so we will never lose a second of the action!

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Watch the live video recording on (first 45 mins only) or listen to the audio podcast (the whole show) bellow!