Lisa Donahey’s Bacon Song

Aaron Tucker sent me a link to the following video and simply said, “Greatest bacon song ever!” Now this is something I hear a lot but this time I took his work for it and watched the video.

Wow, don’t you just love how that songs starts out as a vegan song and then takes a 180 once she realizes she wants bacon, fried heaven in a pan! This is probably the same turmoil that most vegans live with everyday.

The women singing the song is Lisa Donahey. She has a pretty big following online and a lot of people can’t get enough of her music. After hearing her bacon song I think I am a fan now too!

Lisa is trying to get on the show GLEE with this video. Since she is obliviously a proud member of the Bacon Nation lets give all the help we can give. I never watch GLEE but if she was on it maybe I would give it a chance (probably not). Just share this video with every bacon lover you know!

Good Luck Lisa (or should I say break a leg).