Hormel’s Improved Fully Cooked Bacon

Hormel heard the cries of the Bacon Nation to improve the quality of pre-cooked bacon so they released a new and improved “Hormel’s Fully Cooked Bacon”. If you’re looking for this in your local store it will say “New & Improved” right on the packaging. It claims to be thicker and have more bacon flavor. Luckily they sent me a free sample so I could try it myself.

It’s no secret that I am not a fan of pre-cooked bacon. So when Hormel told me they were sending me the bacon to try, I started preparing myself to be let down.

Sean and I reviewed it recently on Bacon LIVE and found that the bacon did live up to the claims on the packaging. The let down that I prepared for never happen. In fact the new bacon downright impressed me.

Granted pre-cooked bacon is not known for its thickness, but this bacon is thinker than its predecessors. It’s almost as thick as a normal piece of bacon, with is a vast improvement. The flavor was surprisingly there too! You really taste the smokiness and the texture is like real bacon not paper. Sean and I both agreed that we would be ok with this bacon being on a sandwich or burger.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not the best bacon we ever had, but it is the best in its class. If I was in a pinch and had to eat a microwave bacon this is what I would choose and I would actually be happy about it.

Hormel’s new and improved fully cooked bacon gets the Mr. Baconpants stamp of approval. The days of eating paper thin tasteless microwavable bacon are over!

Pro Tip: If you lazy and like chewy bacon you can eat pre-cooked bacon right out of the box. Please note that a true bacon lover would never do that but it is fun to try at least once.