Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Log by Junior Redwood

I think I smell the next YouTube sensation and it’s a guy named Junior Redwood. He is new to YouTube so there is not a lot of information about the guy. All I know about him is he is a bacon lover, a PBR drinker, and a patriot (aka a true American).

His first video is a cooking show where he makes a Bacon-Wrapped Pizza Log. He calls it a rip-off of the Bacon Explosion but after watching the video I would just say he was inspired by the EB. This is defiantly his own creation.

I know the video is long, but I would highly suggest you watch the whole thing. Junior says a few gems that you will not want to miss. I also enjoy how he says PBR and diced. Honesty, I can’t get enough of this guy.

I am trying to get him booked to do an interview on Bacon LIVE. I will keep you posted on what we work out.

I really hope that he makes more of these cooking shows and that they involve bacon. We might have to give him a segment here on Mr.Baconpants if he keeps it up!

You can thank Heather of Bacon Unwrapped for finding this guy.