Bacon LIVE: Fast Food Fiasco

I don’t know what’s going on, but it seems like each new Bacon LIVE show is better than the last. On last night’s show Sean and I talked about our somewhat related fast food fiasco stories. It seems we both had our food orders messed up on the same day at two different McDonalds. WTF! Watch the show to hear how badly they messed up.

We also talked about the new Wendy’s Pick 2 menu. I was surprised when Sean kind of agreed with me about the size of the salads being too big and that the 1/2 size salad was a nice option. Also since we know Wendy’s watches the show, we asked them to create a free bacon day, a milkshake, and to fix their sisters company’s (Arby’s) bacon.

There was a lot of funny stuff said on the show and you are just going to have to watch or listen to experience them. Remember it’s always more fun to watch us live!

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