Bacon LIVE: Bacon Crisps Review Show

On last night’s show Sean and I reviewed three different bacon flavored crisps, Walkers’ Smoky Bacon Crisps, Smith’s Bacon Flavored Fries, and McCoy’s Bacon Sizzler Crisps. Sadly you can’t find any of these in the US they all came from Ireland. One of our friends is from there and they recently came back after a visit.

Three Bacon Crisps Reviews

  • Walkers’ Smoky Bacon Crisps – These by far had the best flavor out all of them. The first thing you could smell and taste was smoke. They didn’t really taste like bacon but you could tell, even without reading the bag, that this was a bacon chip (I mean crisp). Sean and I would both like to see these crisps in the States.
  • Smith’s Bacon Flavor Fries – These were the only “bacon” crisps we had this time that actually tried to look like a strip of bacon. Sadly the flavors tasted more like onion soup then bacon. The smokiness that you would expect was nowhere to be found. I also found these crisps to be a little on the salty side.
  • McCoy’s Bacon Sizzler Crisps – These were the worst crisps we ever eaten. The crisp itself had the texture of cardboard and they tasted like moldy cheese. We couldn’t even finish the bag, which says a lot. I never see Sean waste food.

Watch the show to see out full reviews of each crisp and to hear about Sean new invention. It seems like every show Sean has something new it wants to (never) make. We also got the chance to debate a vegan in the first 10 minutes of the show.

Be sure to tune in next week and enjoy bacon!

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