The Vegan Agenda Part 5: Restaurants without vegan options

The last page of this magazine is one I find the most telling of what true jerks the Vegan community are. It’s a bunch of tips of what to do when you’re a Vegan eating away from home. Some aren’t bad like ordering tofu or eggless fried rice at a Chinese restaurant, but then it gets rude.

They say if you’re stuck at a behind the times restaurant without a vegan option to ask the chef to cook something special just for you. How about this, if the restaurant doesn’t offer a vegan menu don’t F’n eat there. We don’t live in a third world country where food is scarce. We are in the USA, there is a food available on every corner I’m sure one of them will have steamed broccoli with soy butter, so go there. And suggesting that a restaurant is behind the times because they don’t cater to your life style is exactly what I would expect from a bunch of stuck up hippies.

Let me let you in on a little secret, at the dawn of man we ate raw foods because we didn’t have the mind power or technology to cook it. Then we discovered fire and have been cooking food ever since. That would mean that your Vegan Raw Bar would actually be the one behind on the times by about 1 million years.

When dining at a friend’s home they say to ask if you can bring a vegan dish to share. Then they put in a little remark about how you can use this opportunity to try to brain wash your friends into the vegan cult. When eating at someone else’s home it is polite and generous to bring a dish, as long as you ask to bring it before hand. The problem I have is that the vegan isn’t bringing this to share as a side; he’s bringing it for his whole meal. If you can’t go to someone’s home and politely eat the food they cooked for you then you need to decline the invitation.

One of the last things they talk about is what chain restaurants have veggie alternatives. They list Hard Rock Café, Denny’s, Chili’s, Johnny Rockets, Red Robin (yum), Burger King, and Taco Bell for their selection of veggie burgers and bean burritos. OK now, do they realize that those seven chains are responsible for killing millions of animals every year? But they still say it’s ok to eat there. This is one of the hypocrisies of the vegan/vegetarian life style. If what these places are doing is so morally wrong then why are you giving them money? If it came out tomorrow that PF Changs was really a front for an underage prostitution ring, I wouldn’t eat there anymore, but I guess the Vegans would.

This concludes my journey into the world of Vegans. I learned a lot and confirmed a lot I already knew. If you have anything to add by all means leave a comment. And remember to always Enjoy Bacon.

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By Sean Brett