Monday Night Combat, finally a game that appreciates bacon!

Today is an exciting day since I get to talk about a video game on my bacon blog. Uber Entertainment recently released “Monday Night Combat” on Xbox Live a few weeks ago. And guess what? Not only is it a fun third person team based shooter, it also has bacon through out every part of the game. Even the loading screen for the game features bacon high-fiving a shotgun shell.

Check out this video for game bellow to see one way they highlight bacon in the game:

Yes that right, in Monday Night Combat there is a power up that gives you more ammo and cooks bacon at the same time. Also, when you’re playing the game, if you are lucky enough to find some bacon it will make your character instantly better at everything. “Just like real life!” (That’s a quote from one of the developers.)

To save you from all the gamer (nerd) talk, since this is a food blog and not a game blog, you just need to know that this is a really fun game. If you’re into team base shooters with an arcade feel to them this game is for you. Just check out these reviews from Kotaku, 1up, and Joystiq for all the details on game play.

Uber is planing to release a free DLC update to the game in the next few months. They say they are adding new content. Lets hope that some of the new content is more bacon!

If you’re on Xbox live and happen to get this game, let me know and add me as a friend. My gamer tag is “Enjoy Bacon”. It would be awesome to play this game with some fellow bacon lovers.