Dogfish Head Brewery Tour

I am sure many of you noticed that last week I didn’t update the blog or record Bacon LIVE. No, I didn’t suddenly turn vegan, I was on vacation. Since I was planning Bacon Bash it slipped my mind to mentally prepare you for the lack of updates, so I am sure this took some of you by surprise. I’m sorry about that.

Last week Beth and I went on vacation to Ocean City, MD with my Dad and Stepmom. It was a fun and relaxing beach vacation with lots of frozen drinks and boogie boarding. We also took a trip to the Dogfish Head Brewery in Milton, DE. To me, this was one of the highlights of the vacation since Beth and I are both Dogfish fanatics.

I have been on a few brewery tours before. This one was pretty much the same as the others, but it was neat standing in the same room where one of my favorite IPAs are born. Another impressive sight on the tour was the three giant wooden fermentation tanks.

Each of them were made of a different type of wood. For the life of me I can’t remember which beers went in each tank or what type of woods they were, other than the Paraguayan Palo Santo wood which is for the Palo Santo Morron brew. The tanks were impressive and I wish I had one in my back yard to swim in (full of beer).

Like any good tour, it finished off with a beer tasting. They started you off with their 60 min IPA. Then they took you for a wild ride with some of their sweeter, less hoppy brews: Midas Touch, Raison D’Etre, and Burton Baton. Out of the two I never had before (the Midas and Baton) I really liked the Burton Baton. I can’t remember the flavors but my Dad gave me a few out of his case so Beth should have a review of it soon.

Also, while we were there we picked out a few bottles, Theobroma, Sah’tea, and Wrath Of Pecant. I was told that Wrath of Pecant would be a good beer with bacon by a guy named John that worked there. I hope he was right. Expect to see a review of these beers in the future.

It was a really fun vacation and I am glad we finally got a chance to visit the Brewery and sample a few new brews. Be sure to catch this weeks Bacon LIVE to find out about all the bacon I had on vacation.