Bacon Prices are at a Record High

As many bacon lovers already know, the cost of bacon at your local store is rising. Slash Food was bold enough to ask the question, “What’s Up with the High Price of Bacon?” The article sums up the reasons why we have a crisis on our hands.

The National Review even called it, “Obama’s Next Crisis: How Will the White House Handle Increasing Bacon Prices“. This got a lot of bacon lovers worried since we saw how long the healthcare debate took. We need relief today not months from now.

Bloomberg’s latest report, “Bacon Surge May Last Past August as Supply Tightens” gives us very little hope that the prices will come down during prime BLT season.

Wall Street Journal says “Pork Bellies Rise, Bacon Lovers Pay“.

This is true, no matter how high the cost of bacon gets, a bacon lover will never pass on making a BLT. Its prime home gown tomato session and we can’t let them go to waste.

These are hard times for bacon lovers everywhere. If you didn’t stock up on bacon and put it in your freezer I feel for you. If you do need to buy some bacon don’t reach for the cheaper stuff. Even with bacon prices high, that’s not excuse to eat subpar bacon.

Let us know what the bacon prices are in your area in the comments.

Stay strong and enjoy bacon!