The Vegan Agenda Part 4: Let Me Soy You Something

This PETA magazine is so informative that it will even show you how you can eat good meals without meat. Except that almost every recipe includes some kind of imitation meat.

Could it be that mankind evolved to eat meat and that is why we have such a hunger for it? Even the Vegans can’t deny their cravings and produce products like tofu bacon and imitation chicken nuggets. Shouldn’t they should be happy eating grass and berries?

Let me go out on a limb and create a conspiracy. I’m going to say that PETA has stock in soy farms. They produce countless publications all saying that if you want to live a healthy guilt free life you need to eat soy. Then they promote soy milk, cheeses, and meat substitutes. All so they can bank in on your love of animals.

They say they are against eating meat but then try to disguise their recipes by giving them names like “Sweet and Sour Meatballs” and “Hearty Beef Cassoulet”. Why don’t they just call it what it is instead of feeling the need to trick people? Because if they did that no one would eat it, Hearty Bean Curd Cassoulet anyone?

They can’t even leave pizza alone. There are many pizza topping they could eat like mushrooms, peppers, and olives, but that’s not good enough for them. They want you to use veggie bacon, soy parmesan, and yeast! That’s right yeast. Now I’m no scientist but isn’t yeast a living organism? But for some reason it’s ok to keep this living creature locked in an air tight jar, literally crammed next to millions of their brothers and sisters, then giving them a small taste of freedom by letting them run free on top of your pizza seconds before popping it in the oven baking them alive at temperatures reaching 375 degrees. What monsters!!!

They make soy out to be this magical food from heaven that does nothing but promote healthy living. There are some studies showing that soy is not all it’s cracked up to be. The Food Renegade had a good article about it, you can find it here. Basically soy will give you a higher level of estrogen, destroy your thyroid, and cause digestive problems. Trust me stick with meat, or better yet bacon.

Next week we will wrap up the Vegan Agenda.

By Sean Brett