PSA: Turkey Bacon is NOT Bacon

Leave to some New York hipsters to mistakenly call turkey meat paste molded into strips, bacon. This is something we need to put a stop to right now.

When I was browsing the newswire for interesting bacon stories I was delighted to see the following headline in a New York newspaper:

“Try this burger with bacon and cheese served on a sugary doughnut bun, but no lard included”

I quickly clicked the link expecting to see the same Bacon Cheeseburger Doughnut that has been floating around on the internet for a while. To my surprise it was something new, but something didn’t look right with the photo. I didn’t see the bacon. I posted the photo above so you can inspect it yourself.

Turns out, the mystery meat hanging out on top of the burger is turkey meat paste and not bacon. My heart sank and I felt betrayed by the New York Daily News. Why would they make such a huge mistake like that?

It is time we as bacon lovers reclaim the word bacon.

  • Bacon IS cured meat prepared from pork belly (or back for you crazy Canadians and Brits).
  • Bacon is NOT processed turkey meat.
  • Bacon is NOT tofu or vegan.
  • Bacon is NOT simply a smoky flavor added to novelty products.

If your religion or diet restricts you form eating bacon, why would you want to eat a food that replicates it? You don’t see me trying to create tofu made from bacon.

Leave bacon alone. If you want to eat it then suck it up and eat the real thing. It will not be the end of the world and if you eat it in moderation will not take a year off your life. Just enjoy bacon.