Bacon LIVE: Sugardale’s Hickory Brings the Wow

I am so glad I waited to write my full review of the Sugardale thick cut bacon till after I tried all the flavors. Last night Sean and I did a live review of Sugardale’s Hickory Thick Cut Bacon and this time it had the wow factor. The bacon had a sweet and savory taste with just the right amount of hickory smoke. We both thought it had that classic bacon flavor that everyone knows and loves. For the class of bacon its in this stuff rocks!

After reviewing the bacon Sean and I slipped in to some kind of bacon high. We started thinking up crazy ideas like “What if Mr. Baconpants was a superhero”. Once we got on the topic it seemed like the show went by so fast. After we were done recording the show we even started to flesh out the backstory and everything.

If you are a comic artist that would like to help us out please email us. We have the story we just need a Steve Ditko to our Stan Lee. In fact if we could just get Ditko that would be amazing! I could see Mr. Baconpants standing next to Mr. A! Sorry for all the nurd comic book references but I enjoy letting my inter nurd (or nurder nurd) show sometimes.

UPDATE: OMG OMG OMG!!!! It seems that messed up and stopped recording the show about 25 mins into the show. Lucky it got the bacon review BUT it miss the whole Mr. Baconpants superhero talk. I guess that might be a good thing since the only people that know about it now are the awesome people that watched live and Sean and I.

We are going to start recording the show in a better location with a direct LAN line so I hope this never happens again. If its does we will be looking for a new service to host our show on. If you know of other options please let us know.

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Sugardale Foods is a sponsor for this year’s Bacon Bash and they provided the bacon for us to review for free. Please read my Disclosure Policy if you have any questions.