The Rodeo Burger Helps Restore Faith in Bacon

“The Bacon is a Lie!”

Something is troubling in the world of bacon. When you go to your local grocery store you will now see many products with a label that states, “with bacon.” You will also notice that many restaurant menus are also featuring the meat treat known as bacon. This should be a time to celebrate because it looks like bacon is finally being taken seriously.

Unfortunately it appears that many of these products are just trying to toy with our emotions. The promise of bacon is just not there. After trying the Kraft’s Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar I have reached my breaking point. As one of the bacon communities most active members (Iheartbaconsalt) put it, “The Bacon is A Lie!”

These companies know how passionate bacon lovers are and are using that to make a quick buck. They think that if they put the slightest hint of bacon flavoring (or just the appearance of bacon) in there products they can raise the price and we will buy it. And they are right. People see the word bacon and their wallets magically open.

Sadly I am guilty of this myself from time and time. Every time I see that new product with bacon I have to rush to the store and buy it. I always have high hopes that maybe just maybe this time they got it right. Only to have my dreams crushed again and again.

But Not All is Lost

Once again were the large corporations failed the small independently owned restaurants are stepping up their game. After having my heart broken over such products like the Burger King double bacon cheese burger I was ready to throw in the towel. I was going to make a vow to only eat bacon prepared by me in my own kitchen.

Then I went to a small bar near my house called The E Town. On their menu was a Rodeo Burger that came with onion rings, cheese, BBQ sauce, and bacon. Once again, against my better judgment the love of bacon made me order it.

At first glance it didn’t seem all that special and then I took a bite. I actually sat back in shock and for a split second didn’t recognize the taste in my mouth. I was expecting cheese, ground beef, or BBQ sauce to be the first flavor, but no it was the bacon! Not once during the entire burger was the bacon flavor over powered. Every bite was filled with delicious fried pork belly.

That one meal brought back my faith. This small bar served me one of the best bacon burgers I have ever had and they did it with out emptying my wallet. ($6.99 for half pound burger, fries, and coleslaw.) And if this place can do it why can’t Burger King, Applebee’s, or Kraft?

It’s time we stand up for our rights as Bacon Lovers and demand value for our hard earned money. No longer will we pay $5.99 for a bacon burger, to only taste grease! No longer will we buy into the notion that bacon flavoring is as good as real bacon! No longer will we support companies that use marketing ploys to hide their incompetence! And no longer will we stand idly by and watch the bacon we love become a mockery!

Enjoy life; enjoy friendship; and most importantly Enjoy Bacon!

By Sean Brett