Pork Force, another viral video from our friends at RatherGood.com

The viral pork superstars at RatherGood.com have created yet another baconish video called Pork Force. It’s about a team of pigs that umm… you see these pigs are highly trained…

Its hard to explain here’s what they have to say out it:

Pork Force! They’re Awesomely Warsome! Watch in amazement as this crack unit of porcine warriors battle for YOUR FREEDOM!

Before I give anything away just watch the video and enjoy.

!Spoiler Alert!

My only real complaint about this video is the lack of bacon references. Maybe that would have been the easy joke but come on! The general could have been eating a plate of bacon or the pig telling the story could have paused and said, “Do I smell Steve”?

Anyway I kinda hope that Pork Force turns into a weekly web series. I really think they could take this one to the next step and make it more then just another viral video.

To the creators, keep up the good work guys the Bacon Nation loves what your doing!