Kraft’s Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar, Needs more Bacon

Last week Kraft sent me a coupon for a free package of their new Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar. So Sean and I reviewed it on Bacon LIVE. We both thought the something, the bacon flavor is missing.

I first thought was that our bacon palates were so use to the top shelf bacon we usually review, that we couldn’t taste the bacon flavor. Quality bacon has a very intense smoky flavor so maybe we were use to that. It’s been a long time since I ate regular old bacon. So I asked a few people on Twitter and Facebook and they all said the same thing, “It’s good but where is the bacon?”

If this was just a review of the Deli Deluxe Cheddar it would have been a glowing review. The cheddar part is great and really does taste like something you would get from your deli counter. It has a smooth rich taste with just the right amount of sharpness to not offend most people. But sadly for Kraft this is not Mr. Cheddarpants’ blog.

The bacon in the new cheddar is half missing since you can see it but you can’t taste it. During the review on Bacon LIVE, Sean dug out the biggest bacon bit he could find and still he couldn’t taste it. The cheese doesn’t even smell like bacon, all you smell is cheddar.

I thought that maybe if you heated the cheddar the melting and heat would bring out the bacon. Even the recipes that Kraft sent me told you heat it, so I thought I was on to something. But sadly even that didn’t really help. The flavor was still missing or weak.

Here are what a few bacon loving Twitter followers Facebook fans have to say about it:

  • metalchick666: I hated it, no bacon taste at all!
  • Phil A.: I’ve had it, it’s not super bacony but I definitely taste the bacon.
  • Aaron Tucker: The bacon is a lie!

As a cheese the Deli Deluxe Cheddar is good, but as a bacon cheddar it’s disappointing. If you a real bacon lover I would stay away from this one. Let this be something the pretend bacon lovers say they enjoy because it says bacon on the packaging.

I hope Kraft sees this review and quickly goes back to the test kitchens to get this one right. They’re halfway there; they just need to add the bacon flavoring.