Boulder Beer Company’s Sweaty Betty Blonde

On hot summer days, like ones we have been lucky enough to experience recently here in Pittsburgh, there is nothing quite like finding the perfect refreshing beer to kick back and enjoy. Sweaty Betty Blonde is a selection from Boulder Beer Company (Boulder, CO) that may just fit the bill for you this summer. With a label that describes the beer as “Irresistible. Flirtatious. Aromatic. Soft. Supple. Unavoidable. Smooth. Exuberant. Glistening. Wild. Firm. Rare. Succulent. Luscious. Ripe. Natural. Glowing. Curvaceous. Magical”, it better live up to the hype.

First, a short bit about Blondes. Blonde ales, also known as Golden ales, share a clean and crisp taste, low to medium hoppy flavor, and sweetness from malts. While they may have some faint fruity notes, they should not be overwhelmingly present.

Sweaty Betty Blonde, once poured, was cloudy, with a pretty straw color and little head that did not stick around long. This is a nice looking beer in a glass. The aroma of was not strong at all and only consisted of faint flower and banana scents. Not overpowering, and really barely noticeable after the first few sips. I feel that the most prominent taste was a spicy medium-hoppy flavor, accented nicely by slight banana and clove flavors. I was pleased with this balance of flavors, and found it to be quite a drinkable beer, especially in warm weather. There was some carbonation with Sweaty Betty, but not a great amount. The mouthfeel of this brew was clean and crisp, leaving a sweet lingering taste on the palate.

I would recommend this beer as a refreshing drink after mowing the lawn (not that I’ve ever mowed a lawn), or a long walk. Personally, I wouldn’t prefer to drink this beer with food, since the sweet lingering flavor may clash with dinner. I would, however, order this pre-meal or on a lazy afternoon. Give it a try and let me know what you think! I enjoyed this beer at Mad Mex here in Pittsburgh (McKnight Rd, other locations).

By Beth Kerr

I would like to take this time to welcome Beth Kerr to the site. She will be writing about beer and recipes (since she is the one that cooks most of them). She has also been called Mrs. Baconpants on more than one occasion, so adding her to the site was a no brainer. Enjoy her first post.