Bacon LIVE: Some of our viewers review the Bacon Cheddar

On last night’s show Aaron Tucker, a long time Bacon LIVE fan, reviewed the Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar. He pretty much said the same thing we said, “It sucks ass.” He even had a few of his family members on the video saying the same thing.

After watching the video Sean and I quickly realized that we hope Aaron makes more videos. He weird but in a good way, seriously we would watch a whole show about him. Just to give you a taste of his genius to open the video he rewrote our theme song to ”Bacon bacon cheese bacon bacon cheese”.

We also talked about hotdogs and bacon which reminded me that I had a big announcement about this year’s Bacon Bash. Sugardale will be sponsoring most of the bacon this year. We are both big fans of Sugardale so this is great news! I am trying to get them to supply us with some of their great hotdogs so we can make Bacon Burger Dogs. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

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