Bacon LIVE: Now it’s your turn to review Kraft’s Bacon Cheddar

On last Wednesday’s show I gave away coupons for a free package of Kraft’s Deli Deluxe Bacon Cheddar. My hope is that the Bacon Lovers that won will email me their own review of the cheese. I want to know once and for all if anyone else out there can taste the bacon since we can’t.

We also did a surprise review of Bacon Beans, the bacon flavored jelly beans. We thought they tasted kind of like moldy ham. Personally I thought they were not a bad as I imagined they would be. Sean was more offended by them then I was.

An announcement that I forgot to mention on the show was, now you can just go to and it will take you to our show page. This will make it easier for you to remember how to watch the show live, which is the best way to watch it.

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