Scarlett Johansson Loves Crispy Bacon, Hates Canadian Bacon

Scarlett Johansson, who I always thought was hot, told the world that she loves crispy bacon and hates Canadian bacon on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She also was trying to say that she hated European bacon which she said was too fatty. I think what she was talking about was also Canadian back bacon. Some cuts of it leave some of the fat still on it.

I posted the interview below and if you don’t want to watch the whole clip just jump to 4:20, that’s when they start to talk about bacon.

I really like the fact that Scarlett and I can have the same taste in bacon.

Next time your girlfriend makes you watch a Scarlett Johansson movie use it as an excuse to enjoy some bacon. Just make sure it’s pork belly and not back bacon. Rumor has it if you eat back bacon during one of her movies; she crawls out of the screen, “The Ring” style, and kills you.