Mothers Day Tip: Give her the gift of bacon

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend and if you are like me you’re most likely scrambling around wondering if you should send her flowers again. Well I am here to help. I don’t know why I didn’t think about this last year but give your mom what she really wants: bacon.

Here are a few ways you can give her the gift of bacon:

  1. Bacon Bouquet – This is probably the most creative way to give your mom bacon. Your mom will love the fact that you made it yourself and instead of just watching her flowers die, she gets to eat them. It’s a Win-Win!
  2. Bacon Candy – If your mom has a sweet tooth you might want to check out the Mo’s Bacon Bar. Yes it’s an expensive candy bar but your mom is worth it. If you’re cheap, you could always just buy a Hersey’s bar and stick a piece of cooked bacon on top of it.
  3. Cook her Breakfast – I think any mom would love to have their kid come over on a Sunday morning and cook them breakfast. Make sure you use Maple Bacon so her house will smell like bacon for at least a week.
  4. Bacon Coffee – If breakfast is too much for you to handle then the least you can do is bring her a cup of Boca Java’s Maple Bacon Morning Coffee. It’s amazing and like the maple bacon, the smell will stick around all day.
  5. Bacon Explosion – Invite mom over the house for dinner and make her a Bacon Explosion. She will be impressed with your grilling skills and will be happy to know you are capable of cooking for yourself.

Those are just a few things you could do for mom on Mother’s Day. The fact of the matter is anything you do for her she will love. Moms have a hard time not like something their kid made for them.

If you plan on doing something for you mom that involves bacon feel free to share it with us. We love hearing about other people’s stories with bacon.