Bacon LIVE: Michelle Obama is Anti-Food

On last night’s show Sean and I talked about the increase in anti-food propaganda that mainstream media has been spreading. Sean brought it to my attention that Michelle Obama has an initiative to get us to eat “healthier”. She has a task force to fight childhood obesity and she is leading the charge to get salts and fats regulated.

I think things like this very seriously because it’s my right to eat whatever I want however I want. It’s not the government’s job to tell me what to eat; it’s their job to protect my right to eat what I want.

I am not going to go in a political rant right now, since this is supposed to be just show notes for the podcast. But I will be posting more about this in the coming weeks. I am not going to take this attack on food sitting done (unless I am eating at the time).

We also talked about non-bacon bacon related news and teased about a new Kraft product we are going to review next week. Be sure to tune in next week and watch us LIVE!

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