Top Ten Bacon T-Shirts in no Particular Order

I searched the internet and found what think are the top ten best bacon shirts. I am not putting them in any order because I feel they are all number ones. With bacon shirts you’re either a number one or a zero with me (yes there are some really bad bacon shirts).

Top Ten Bacon T-Shirts

I heart Bacon – This is a classic! Everyone has made an “I heart bacon” shirt but I feel this one is the best. It’s clean, simple and gets right to the point. I have worn this shirt and every time I do I make a new friend, no joke.
Butcher Diagram – I love to be reminded where bacon comes from and this shirt does just that. I enjoy how the pig is looking at its own belly licking its lips. I would so do that if I was a pig.
Periodic Bacon – I am not afraid to show my nerdy side so I would wear this shirt with pride. This would be a great shirt to wear to chess club. I am sure that crowed would all get a kick out of it.
Bacon Makes Everything Better – Duh! I almost didn’t put this shirt on the list since it’s so redundant. But you never know, some people may not know that amazing fact about bacon. So this shirt is more of a PSA.
Push Button, Receive Bacon – This had to be the biggest bacon meme on the internet in its day. This shirt pays tribute to it so it had to be on the list. To this day when I go to a gas station bathroom and dry my hands off, I think of bacon.
Hail Bacon Shirt – This one is a new kid on the block. I never seen it before, but it looks like an instant classic. The devil dose love rock and roll, but he loves bacon more!
Baconfish – This is one of my favorites. If bacon came from fish, I could still be friends with most vegetarians (vegans are a lost cause). I own this shirt and it’s a great conversation starter.
Bacon is Good for me – King Curtis made that phrase famous when he was on the show Wife Swap. No one should ever get between a man (or an 11 year old) and is bacon.
Bacon Is A Vegetable – Almost every vegetarian I know thinks this is true. When I ask them if they eat bacon they reluctantly admit that they do and then tell me its a vegetable. At that point I slap them for speaking blasphemy.
Bibbity Bobbity Bacon – Jim Gaffigan is the king of bacon and if I didn’t put his shirt on my list he would have shunned me. The man is very powerful in the bacon community and he could “Bibbity Bobbity Bacon” me to a hell without bacon.
If you feel that I over looked a shirt, then write a comment and let me know about it. You never know I might make this list longer. Also if you feel a shirt shouldn’t be on this list let me know that too.