Knott’s Berry Farm is Attracting Bacon Lovers

Knott’s Berry Farm used the power of twitter to come up with its latest Funnel cake topping, chocolate and bacon. This comes as no surprise since twitter is addicted to bacon. If you remember last month twitter is the reason Bocktown, a local Pittsburgh restaurant, created the bacon beer infusion.

Meghan Gardner, the spokesperson for the amusement park said that they asked there twitter followers what they wanted on a Funnel cake. The response was so overwhelming for chocolate and bacon they put it on the menu, permanently.

If you want to make this amazing fair food yourself, all you have to do is get a Funnel cake, chocolate syrup, and crispy bacon. That’s the beauty of fair food, its usually really simple, but tastes amazing.

Further proving that Knott Berry Farm is not taking bacon lightly, they have another bacon menu item this year. The Bacon Burrito Dog, a tortilla filled with 2 hot dogs, 3 bacon slices, chili, and cheese. Wow, does that sound good, and again its really simple to make are your next cookout!

If I ever win the big game (not sure how I ever will, giving the fact that I am not a pro athlete), I not going to say “I’m going to Disney World” instead I’m saying “I’m going to Knott’s Berry Farm”!