Bacon LIVE: Sean had no Headphones

On last night’s show Sean brought new headphones but failed to notice that the cord was insanely short. This cause us to be a little off when we sang the opening intro (Sean couldn’t hear it). We hope to have this problem fix before next week.

On the show we talked about a lot of amazing things. To get the full effect you should just start watching it right now and stop reading this. But just in case you’re lazy, and like to buy pre-made pancake mix, I will go on. We talked about having a twitter war, brown sugar bacon, pig stink island, ghost, Applebees, and butter. Sean also recapped his KFC Double Down experience and said the meal was good but not worth the price.

Be sure to tune in next week when Sean reveals the secret topic that we didn’t get to. He told me what it was at the end of the show and it’s crazy! I don’t even know if I could talk about.

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